Monday, March 21, 2016


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Donna "Morel" Jones

Born in Williamsport, MD, Donna grew up in a decent middle class home. Currently volunteering as a Paramedic and living at the YMCA. 

During Chapter 1 she is attending college with her best friend Julie.

Julie Ardent
Donna’s BFF (and secret crush). Donna and Julie grew up together since age eight. Although Julie became a cheerleader during high school while Donna stuck to the academics (and a little mischief) they stayed close friends and chose to attend the same college so each could benefit from the others strengths.

Emmanuel "Chispa" Gonzales

Given nickname by his grandmother because she saw potential in his eyes as a child. His brother was saved by Donna using her powers.

Shane Imino

Paramedic that works alongside Donna. Single and considers himself sort of a ladies man. Slightly douchey but quick witted. Calls Donna Freckles.

Susan "Shard" Boli

A seemingly normal young hipster girl.

The Stranger

Nothing is known about this man.

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  1. Today's post comes a day early but I was on a roll finishing up schoolwork and getting other projects done!

    We are halfway through Chapter 1. I thought this would be a good time to take a break and create a Characters page. I am still working on tweaking the page (or switching over to another hosting site) but with a new comic miniseries I just had green lighted, my time has become very scarce.

    I also added Shards picture to the lineup, even though we will not meet her until Chapter 3, just because of how good Mae's art is of her.

    On a last note, I had a blast at (Re)GenereationWho this weekend! It was great meeting so many fans, and talking with everyone. Peter Davison was also great to meet in person, and makes the fourth doctor I have met in real life now.